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Evil Religions Unmasked

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Dawn Thomas

... I was impressed with the amount of research and thought that has gone into writing this book. The information was written in a way that was easy to read and understand. Some of the statements in the book really made me question what I know. There were several “Hmm” moments too. I recommend this book to anyone interested in the differences between the types of religions and their connection to intolerance, hatred, and genocide.

Catherine Hankins

Certainly makes sense. I've never been particularly fond of any of the religions of the Bible. They were always a bit too vindictive and bloodthirst for my tastes.

And what is up with everyone always ooo-ing and awe-ing over one person saying some god spoke to them, or some angel, no witnesses to these events, and everyone believes the person???

Yeah, Eloy Colombo! Eye opening and well thought out and researched book!

Paula Cwikla

This is a good book with some interesting and thought provoking information on a very sensitive subject. I definitely came away learning some new information I was previously unaware of.

It may be a tough read for those deeply invested in one of the big three [religions] though. I would advise anyone to give it a read and form your own opinion, just like with the religions criticized (and really anything else in the world), ...
A worthwhile read, emotions run deep on both sides of this subject matter ...


Read a chapter for free!

Thanks! Check your email and read it!

Why this book?

Don’t you mind that strange changes happen in the world like a lightning strike, and all of us have to painfully adapt ourselves to that while the powerful elite prospers as if they were prepared to win in that situation?

Knowing this issue, the genuine Colombo continues bringing us what is known only by a tiny elite over the Earth.


But you ask, what has religion to do with that?

And I ask you back, if have you ever heard that an influential person was not a member of a religious organization?

Behold that all the elite’s members belong to one religion, and this is not any coincidence.

The more powerful someone is, the more deep somebody is inside a religious society; if not, the individual establishes his or her own religion.

If you have in mind that religion is only a simulation performed by priests to collect weak souls for their use, just keep reading.

In his new book, Colombo gifts us with the irreplaceable wisdom that made possible ancient Egyptians to build, develop, and sustain their civilization for much more than 3000 years: the most lasting civilization in all human history.

If you think you have nothing to do with a knowledge “to build a civilization,” you are overlooking that it is an elite that plans the destiny and fate of all humanity.

You could ask, if they built such a mighty civilization, why did they fall in the end?

Here we are, they didn’t fail; differently, the ancient Egyptians were destroyed, killed, and they had their civilization arbitrarily and venomously vanished from the world by a cruel elite eager for power to rule over people.

Their civilization was destroyed and buried under layers of sand to separate humans from their philosophy of

  • Justice

  • Harmony

  • Beauty

  • And Equilibrium


Philosophy was the ancient Egyptian religion!

The other reason to have destroyed it was that only through the ancient Egyptian philosophy someone could see who is behind the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and even behind strong societies and movements (including political ones) that people naively think are atheists.

But now, in his book, Colombo fearlessly wrote what a powerful and brutal modern elite don’t want you to know.

Knowing who is deified within those three religions explains many things in our world.

Our future is in people's hands; first, we do need to strip off the clothes used by this elite, who pretends to seem they are good-hearted people. The substance to make that is inside this book.

It’s time to awake. Forever!

Evil Religions Unmasked, the book that is shaking off the false legitimacy of a cruel elite.

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